‘Glam Fairy’ stars gear up for PBR opener

Reality TV stars Briella Calafiore and Jessica Romano.


  • Reality TV stars Jessica Romano and Briella Calafiore fell in love with the sport of bull riding after attending last year's event at Madison Square Garden.
  • The duo star in the Style Network reality series “Glam Fairy.”

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NEW YORK ― Reality TV star Jessica Romano once again will be cheering on her favorite PBR riders when the 2013 Built Ford Tough Series kicks off at Madison Square Garden Jan. 4-5 in New York City.

Romano, who stars in the Style Network reality series "Glam Fairy," attended the MSG event last year with co-star Briella Calafiore.

"It was one of the coolest experiences of my life," Romano said. "I was able to talk to some of the bull riders and even pet a bull! They are so big and strong, the bull riders, I mean."

"I want to marry him and be Jessica Dirteater and make little Dirteaters." 

Attending a PBR event, she admits, is quite different than anything that takes place on her TV show. "Glam Fairy" follows her career as a makeup artist and all the drama that comes with it."

"There are no bulls on my show, but definitely a lot of bull----," she said.

The energy from the crowd is the most exciting thing about attending a live PBR event, Romano said.

"I fell in love with the sport, she said. "I can't wait to go again this year. After seeing PBR live I started watching more and more on television. Even at home, it's so exciting. It's funny finding yourself cheering and rooting your favorite riders on from your living room."

Romano's favorite bull rider is Ryan Dirteater.

"Just because I want to marry him and be Jessica Dirteater and make little Dirteaters," she joked.

Glam Fairy interior
Jessica Romano and Briella Calafiore with Guilherme Marchi in New York.

Although her show takes place within the salon industry, the subject of bull riding often gets brought up because of Romano's love for the sport.

"I work with mostly women and gay men, so it's hard not to talk about boys, especially the bull riders," she said.

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