Pure PBR takes viewers inside the sport


  • Pure PBR debuts Saturday from Chicago on CBS Sports Network.
  • The candid telecast will feature Brandon Bates, J.W. Hart and Shorty Gorham.
  • Producers will use the Pure PBR format a total of 10 times throughout the 2013 season.

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FORT WORTH, Texas ― On Saturday night, the CBS Sports Network broadcast of the Built Ford Tough Series event in Chicago will give viewers a whole new feel and look at the sport.

Hosted by Brandon Bates, J.W. Hart and Shorty Gorham, Pure PBR will provide a new approach, including everything from candid moments between rides to various opportunities for the broadcasters to not only explain, but also visually illustrate whatever point they're trying to make.

"We don't want this to feel like a regular show," said David Neal, who is in his third season as executive producer of the BFTS telecasts. "It's supposed to be a departure - an all-access pass. If there's ever going to be a vehicle to try something new or something unusual, this is it."

The object of the 10 Pure PBR telecasts that will air throughout the season is to think outside the box in an effort to take viewers inside the game.

Neal said they want the viewers to ask themselves, "Am I supposed to be hearing this?"

"If there's ever going to be a vehicle to try something new or something unusual, this is it."

PBR co-founder Ty Murray, who is also a color commentator for PBR telecasts, said the Pure PBR broadcasts allow the audience to eavesdrop as riders strategize and analyze each matchup.

It provides an opportunity to teach.

For instance, in Chicago, expect Hart and Gorham to take viewers in the alleyway to see firsthand how stock contractors tie the flank strap to the waistline of a bucking bull, while explaining the specific purpose.

This week, Hart and Bates will be given a chance to spend one-on-one time with riders before and after their respective rides, and more importantly, viewers will be able to listen in on those one-of-a-kind conversations.

Unlike performances in which the commentators sit side-by-side in the broadcast booth, during Pure PBR telecasts, they will be separately roaming behind the chutes with wireless headsets, giving them ample opportunity to get involved in the fray.

In fact, it's not inconceivable to think Hart could wind up pulling someone's rope at the same time he's broadcasting.

At minimum, it's a unique view never before attempted by the PBR.

Much like "Sound FX," which is a raw, organic representation of the NFL, this PBR production will air in the context of the event as it takes place.

Bates said he hopes to "show the process that the athlete goes through that night."

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