Back Seat Buckers: Bloodlines from the best

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  • The Back Seat Buckers Draft will take place at Sandia Resort & Casino on March 23 in Albuquerque, N.M.
  • The draft will feature a number of bulls with famous bloodlines.

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PUEBLO, Colo. - The ABBI's Back Seat Buckers program is back and we're on the exciting countdown to the annual auction this year held in March in conjunction with the Ty Murray Invitational in Albuquerque, N.M.

After an exciting culmination and finish to our inaugural season and paying out over $500,000, we are once again preparing to bring you some extra special prospects for purchase. Not only have these prospects been preselected for their athletic potential, but they also boast some impressive ancestors.

Each prospect was submitted by ABBI breeders through our video submission process. Then, based on their taped performance and the opinion of our Back Seat Buckers board, bulls were sifted through based on their ability and prospective potential.

The great news here for investors is that each bull can then be visually accessed before purchase. By coupling a pre-screened prospect with his recorded performance, physical appearance and pedigree, we offer our investors the best opportunity for becoming involved in the industry and going after a piece of the big payout. The bull who comes out on top in Las Vegas can win more than $200,000.

This year's crop of Back Seat Buckers boasts some outstanding pedigrees. The 2-year-old bulls in PBR and ABBI's turnkey bull ownership program will soon be starting their competitive season and showing what their bloodlines can do. Whether you are ready to go from fan to stock contractor, or just want to brush up on some of the industry's greatest bloodlines, here is a primer on the genetics that will be represented at the Back Seat Buckers Draft at Sandia Resort & Casino on March 23.


Let's start with the West Coast influence of the Kish program. There is no doubt that Don and Janelle Kish have produced more pro bull stat sons than practically anyone. Many of the most-influential and winning programs in the ABBI have gone to this program, and then grafted Kish genetics into their own winning programs for good reason.

The Kish herd is one of the thickest and cleanest programs in the industry, genetically speaking. By doing very little out crossing and rarely breeding outside their own herd, the Kish's line bred genetics crossed on other programs is the smartest way to achieve hybrid vigor. These offspring are fast and electric and that's what it takes for a bull to win under the dummy (the remote controlled, weighted box 2-year-old bulls buck under) .

Study the 2013 Back Seat Buckers list for paternal sons, grandsons and great-grandsons that go back to super buckers and sires; Ugly, No Can Do, Real Deal, Too Legit and Shyster. This list of buckers has done it in the arena and they have also put it on the ground in their offspring.

If you like to play the maternal pedigree game look for maternal grandsons and great-grandsons of Kish's Wildside (a known futurity star producer) and Mr. Juicey, a Too Legit son that has one of the best production percentages in the industry.


From the West Coast, let's take it back to the heart of bucking bull country with the Roach program. Ronnie Roach, who the ABBI Horizon Breeder of the Year Award is given in memory of, did the same thing the Kish program has done when it comes to preserving the power of the pedigree. By taking Charlie Plummer's genetics and line breeding relentlessly, Roach's practices have possibly had the largest influence on the ABBI's registry.

When it comes to perhaps the greatest sire of all time based on production records, performance, and winnings of offspring, there is no comparable Roach bred bull like 329 Houdini. His offspring have won more than $3 million and his subsequent producing sons and daughters practically outnumber the stars.

This year's BSB offering includes at least three lots that are maternal grandsons of Houdini, so look at these prospects' female lines closely. Houdini daughters and granddaughters have produced as many money earners as big-league bucking Houdini sons Nightlife and Ground Zero have.

Houdini sons Nightlife and Ground Zero (who are each in their own rights considered excellent sires) both are represented in this year's offering. After a bull is finished competing, a new owner may consider breeding them too. You never know, your BSB investment could turn into the industry's next influential sire.

Houdini is not the only Roach-bred genetic gold mine sprinkling ancestry through the Back Seat Buckers' March auction. Dig even deeper and uncover genetics from Houdini's subsequent sire, White Sports Coat, laced throughout the lineup. The industry's top breeders will tell you White Sports Coat is one of the strongest and most expensive direct Plummer lineages in the industry, and he is the paternal grandsire to at least two BSB lots this year.

Since Roach genetics influence much of the ABBI's registry, investors will find many other representations of this ancestry throughout the pedigrees of many of the 2013 BSB lots. Do your research and seek out influence from; Chaos, Hobo via sire Western Hauler Express, Rooster via Countdown, Snark via Rafter 7r cow 281 and double Roach bred contributing sale sire Copp 23-31.

Follow that up with the mega-pedigree tiers of these lots when it comes to dams, grand dams and great-grand dams. If you do your homework you will cross paths with great Charlie Plummer producing cows CP 1 Kung Fu, CP 6, CP 16, CP 114-10, CP 13 among others. You will also find historical producing Roach dams as just as frequently. If she's got a Rafter 7r at the beginning of her number, you can be sure she's influenced the American Bucking Bull breed in some respect.

If you're looking for progressive Roach genetics, try some Automatic genetics via his son and contributing BSB lot sire Johnny Walker Red. Aside from this true-blue bucker hauled by Trent West, Automatic is definitely a super-sire when it comes to producing a slew of probullstat sons. This list includes high-rollers such as; Tut Henry's Cochise, Mataska's Semi-Automatic, Jerry Nelson's Mataska, Boyd & Floyd's Pearl Snap, Jimmy Crowthers' California Dreaming and D&H Cattle Company's Commotion.

Reading down this list of "who's who" among high-profile contractors that have been wooed by the power of Ronnie Roach's bovine sire Automatic should impress any investor. If it doesn't, nothing will.


One of the absolute hottest futurity lineages over the past three years is that of David Bailey's 55 Gunslinger. When studying ABBI futurity money earner's pedigrees there sure is a lot of this bucker's genetic influence popping up lately. Whether it is from him directly or via one of his super-producing sons like Neon Nights or Up In Smoke, Gunslinger genetics wield a great deal of weight in today's futurity game. Many breeders attribute air, drop and break-over during salty outs to Gunslinger's influence. If you like wow-factor, check out the lots that lend themselves to this powerhouse producer.


Arguably the best manicured and biggest money earning programs in the industry today is that of D&H Cattle Company. When you consider your BSB purchase, take a look at the lots influenced by World Champ 790 Mossy Oak Mudslinger. He is ABBI's No. 2 producing sire by production, second only to Houdini, and he is well-represented in the 2013 BSB offering.

Mudslinger is known for producing buckers under dummies and under riders. So, if you're in this for the long haul, find a lot that flies the Mudslinger flag via bovines like Mud Duck and Fistful of Lightning, as well as several contributing dams.

Take things a step further and look for the maternal grand dam influence of Mudslinger-Broke Back V. Clearly one of Page's most influential lines on their many roads to success, Broke Back V is dually represented two steps back in Mudslinger's pedigree. Like some Broke Back V just a shade closer in your pedigree or like it on the maternal edge? If so, check out BSB prospect dam Ace 810 who goes back to Broke Back V son Backlash. Backlash is another mega-hit throughout the Page program so don't miss this secret.

Still looking for a little more novelty concerning Page genetics? Get a little crazy with some Crazy Train influence, who goes back to Boding, another son of Back V. Crazy Train is the sire of 19 probullstat sons. This bovine nabbed the ABBI's big futurity crown in his competitive career so maybe a skip generation could be the ticket. Go this route via sire 53T.


Thinking outside the box? Besides these base program routes, investors might opt to get creative and color outside the lines. If this is your theory, lean toward a prospect with a sire like Hot Damn. There are several offerings this year sired by this probullstats workhorse who had more than 120 professional outs and managed to maintain a 21.74 point average mark. He was impressive as a bucker and has become one of the most interesting producers of his day.

Hot Damn is out of a Rafter 7r cow that is a Wild Thing daughter. Wild Thing genetics aren't easy to come by and typically fetch top dollar. Hot Damn is the son of Berger bred 49 Tequila, one of Bad Company Rodeo's highway heroes whose availability is limited. He's out of a Ronnie Roach bred cow that is a historical producer - Rafter 7r 46. There is also a rare offering of a prospect that is double bred Hot Damn. So if you'd like to take a page from Ronnie Roach or Don Kish and choose a line-bred prospect mark down this offering in Albuquerque.

Still looking? Lean toward the one offering that boasts kinship to another Berger bred individual -superstar and multi-title toting World Champ Little Yellow Jacket. BSB brings you one prospect that not only shares blood with a multi-time bull of the year, but also with throwback buckers 018 Cowtown and the ever infamous Bodacious.

Whether these lots scratch your itch or pique your interest, one thing we know is that the stage has been set for another super exciting Back Seat Buckers season. We have done the groundwork for you so step up and play with us. Call ABBI at 719-242-2747 or visit to become a stock contractor.

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