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Long Shot 2 won over $266,500 last year. Photo by Andy Watson / BullStockMedia.com.


  • Long Shot 2 won over $266,500 last year.
  • Back Seat Buckers provides a turn-key way to own a bucking bull and compete for cash at ABBI events.
  • ABBI's 2013 Back Seat Buckers Live Draft will be held March 22.

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PUEBLO, Colo ― Two hundred fifty thousand dollars is a pretty darn good payday for anyone, but its especially exciting for a stock contractor who owns a bull through ABBI's turn-key bull ownership program, Back Seat Buckers.

So what could be better than being the owner of last season's champion bull that captured $250,000 at the Las Vegas World Finals event? Could anything beat the thrill Back Seat Buckers owner Gary Long enjoyed in 2012?

Ask George and Kit Myers, the breeders of Long's bull 00 Long Shot 2. Long Shot 2 won more than $266,500 last year and they might argue that the best feeling is raising the Back Seat Buckers World Champion bull.

"It's a really great feeling watching a bull that you've raised go on and compete," George Myers said. "It's even better when they are that successful and go onto win for their new owner."

The Myers' program, Crazy M Buckers of Mart, Texas, has been customizing bovine genetics since 2002. It's a husband-and-wife partnership that enjoys the breeding aspect of the industry the most.

"It's a really great feeling watching a bull that you've raised go on and compete."

The normal order of business at the Crazy M is to live breed its 20-25 head of bucking females, raise the subsequent calves, put a few dummy trips on those young bulls, then sell those worthy of competition to other stock contractors to haul.

Although Long Shot 2, proved himself worthy over and over again throughout the season, winning three of five BSB contests, Myers initially wondered about the bull's competitive future. When it came to this potential star, and his pen mate 01, legitimate interest was almost nonexistent when it came time to find the yearling bulls a new home.

"To be honest, I tried everything I could except giving them away," Myers said. "I knew 00 was definitely something special from the start, but I couldn't get these bulls sold. I thought I had 00 sold once, and that fell through. I just couldn't get anybody interested in him even though I knew he was good. It was pretty frustrating to be honest."

Salvation for 00 and 01 came in the form of Dean Wilson, former PBR bull rider, judge, BSB bull handler and long- time friend of George and Kit.

"Finally, a good friend of ours from college named Dean Wilson thought he had a home for them and it ultimately ended up being with the ABBI's Back Seat Buckers program," Myers said. "Looking back it couldn't have worked out better."

Wilson entered the two buckers into the ABBI's program and as fate would have it, both 00 and 01 were accepted into the BSB draft and auction.

Long drafted Meyer's 00 bull at the auction and Long Shot 2's climb to the top began.

The BSB season started off a little slow when 00 finished in 21st place at Pueblo, Colo., in May, but once Tulsa rolled around in August, 00 Long Shot 2 was ready to stake his claim. He put up a 92.50 point out and won his new owner his first BSB event title and the corresponding $7,000 check. Then during the first week of September at Thackerville, Okla., the bucker hit another lick with a 90.50 point out which was good enough to split third.

From there it was onto another event win in Springfield, Mo., for 00. The talented bovine marked 89 and nabbed another $7,000 for Long, and gathered more notoriety for the Myers and their breeding program.

"Gary was very gracious to us. We really appreciated that he included us in 00's success. It meant a lot to us that he acknowledged us as the bull's breeders," Myers said. "Moments like these are what make all the hard work worth it when you are a breeder and sometimes once you sell calves everyone forgets about where they came from. Neither Dean or Gary were that way and it meant the world to us ― as breeders and people."

As the families got to know each other, they realized that they shared more than just a passion for bucking bulls. George was originally from a town in Washington not too far from where the Longs currently live.

"The big coincidence," Long said, "was that although George and Kit now live in Texas, George was actually born and raised about 85 miles from where I was raised here in Washington. Can you imagine having something like that in common and then so many years later a bucking bull bringing you together? It's one of those neat things that happen in life."

"Just like we wanted to be acknowledged as 00's breeders, we want to acknowledge those breeders that our program is based on," explained Myers. "From Bob Wilfong to Toby Floyd and Terry Walls ― their programs were the starting point for us and a bull like 00."

During the final leg of the BSB season in Las Vegas, 00 steamrolled the field, putting up the two highest scores, one in each of two rounds for a total of 180.50 which earned him the $250,000 check. And true to Long's style, he wouldn't have had it any other way than sharing the moment with the Myers family.

"They are great kids that are hard workers and they really epitomize the Western ideal," Long said. "George works for a well-known beverage distributor and Kit takes care of the chores. She's really in charge of it and should get due credit for what she does with the cattle and bulls. Doing so well with Long Shot 2 was such a neat moment, especially to get to share with them since they are his breeders.

"It's a good story, you know? Two people who love breeding and caring for these buckers. A bull that nobody seemed interested in. Me, a guy from the northwest, that grew to loves these bulls later in life. George growing up so close to where I was raised. Then all of us coming together around what? Of all things. A bucking bull. Like I said its one of those neat surprises in life."

For a chance to make your bull owning dreams come true, and to be the potential owner of this year's Back Seat Buckers World Champion, join us for the ABBI's 2013 Back Seat Buckers Live Draft and Auction during the PBR Ty Murray Invitational in Albuquerque, N.M., on March 22. Go to backseatbuckers.com to learn more and reserve your spot now.

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