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  • Cord McCoy is the host of “The Ride” on RFD-TV.
  • Tonight’s episode of “The Ride” features D&H Cattle Co., and a behind-the-scenes look at a PBR event in Pueblo, Colo. The episode airs at 10 p.m. CT.
  • McCoy has been preparing his bulls for this year’s ABBI American Heritage event, which takes place June 14-15 in Guthrie, Okla.
  • McCoy is planning to compete June 8 in Decatur, Texas, at the J.W. Hart Invitational. He will also enter several of his bulls in an ABBI competition.

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FORT WORTH, Texas ― Cord McCoy hasn't been competing nearly as much as he has in past years.

However, don't mention the "R" word.

He's not ready to retire or, as he's likely to do, "just stop competing one day."

"I'm still riding," McCoy said. "My gear bag is still by the front door."

McCoy said he still loves riding and hasn't gotten the sport out of his system. He's simply been busy with other aspects of his life ― namely breeding bulls and hauling them to various bull competitions, as well as hosting a weekly series on RFD-TV called "The Ride."

"Before (now), I didn't think they could have (a PBR event) without me and didn't think I could have a weekend," he said. "I didn't know what normal people did when they stayed home on Saturdays. My wife just said the other day, 'We still don't stay home any weekend. We have something scheduled every weekend.'"

This weekend, he's hauling six of his bulls to an event in Iowa, where his wife Sara Best-McCoy is from, and they plan to head early on Wednesday to visit with in-laws. He also has a speaking engagement in Des Moines, Iowa.

"I've got a little set of bulls that have been winning more money than I have, so I just get behind them like they're my kids."

According to McCoy, there are three or four associations for which he hauls bulls to events in order to get them acclimated to competing.

But it's all in preparation for two specific events.

One of those is the American Heritage, which he likened to being the Kentucky Derby for bucking bulls, and the other is the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas.

The Heritage is an ABBI event that takes place in Guthrie, Okla., June 14-15, and includes a junior futurity, futurity and a derby competition.

"I've just been hauling my bulls," McCoy said. "I've got a little set of bulls that have been winning more money than I have, so I just get behind them like they're my kids."

McCoy, however, is planning on entering the J.W. Hart Invitational as a bull rider.

Hart's annual charity event is scheduled for June 8 in Decatur, Texas, and will provide McCoy with an opportunity to compete both as a bull rider and a stock contractor, as there is an ABBI-sponsored bull competition. So McCoy will haul his bulls a couple hours south of his Tupelo, Okla., ranch.

In addition to his bucking bulls, McCoy has also been breeding his horse with champion-caliber cutting, reining and barrel racing horses.

"We have a very versatile breeding program this year with our horses, as well," McCoy said. "My focus is making deposits at the bank and you kind of have to get behind what's making those deposits."

Another important focus has been hosting "The Ride."

Each week, he visits a different ranch and while he grew up ranching in Oklahoma, McCoy explained, everyone tends to manage their operation a little differently from one ranch to another.

"I was all over it being a cowboy, like myself, and I like to travel and go and learn new things," said McCoy about being asked to host the series.

He explained, "You can tell all these ranches are trying to accomplish the exact same thing, but everybody does it so different."

The series not only documents and chronicles those subtle and not-so-subtle differences, but also touches on other aspects, like ranch history.

In a recent episode, McCoy visited the oldest ranch in Oklahoma, where they've maintained the ranching traditions that started back in the late 1800s. They've also been to Oregon to work on the Coleman ranch, which is owned and operated by the father of Ring of Honor member Ross Coleman, and the show traveled to Florida to work on a ranch where Tater Porter, another Ring of Honor member, has been working for years.

McCoy said they also ventured up to Canada, as well.

Tonight's episode features D&H Cattle Co.

"It's one of my favorite (episodes)," McCoy said. "It's just me and H.D. and his daughter, and we go out and feed some bulls and exercise a couple of them ― exercise Shepherd Hills Tested."

They also work one of the Pages' 2-year old Classic bulls that they're preparing for the American Heritage.

McCoy has a long history with the Page family and was especially excited to profile his longtime friend H.D. Page. When McCoy first started competing at PBR events, he didn't always have the money to be able to afford flying from city to city, so he'd jump in the semi with Page and hitch a ride down the road.

He drove the truck once for a couple hours down the highway en route to North Dakota and was nervous knowing they were hauling Crossfire Hurricane, Western Wishes and Mossy Oak Mudslinger. The inexperienced McCoy kept from "throwing one down back there," but ran past a few scales that Page had to contend with later on.

Those long drives influenced McCoy's newest career, and without realizing it, Page was mentoring the rider-turned-contractor.

Like McCoy now, Page was also a rider in his younger years. After his riding career ended, he and his father Dillon went on to become Stock Contractor of the Year six times in the PBR.

"At the time, it was a free ride and I built a friendship," McCoy said. "Now, looking back as a bull producer, like myself, I feel like I learned so much by just getting in and traveling and feeding and handling some of the best bulls in the world."

McCoy is now applying some of the acquired knowledge.

Earlier today, he spent the morning flushing one of his cows with Bushwacker semen, one with Asteroid semen and another one with Shepherd Hills Tested semen.

Those calves will be expected next April.

"I'm pumped," said McCoy, who is proud of the breeding program he has built with his wife. "We have the right paperwork anyway."

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