Q&A with 2013 PBR World Champion J.B. Manuey

J.B. Mauney is set to defend his 2013 world title during the 2014 BFTS. Photo by Andy Watson / BullStockMedia.com.


  • J.B.'s next goal is to win the World Championship three times in a row.
  • Before riding, J.B. typically does not eat.
  • His favorite travel partner is his wife, Lexie.

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J.B. Mauney joined fans for a LIVE Twitter chat before Friday's action at the Monster Energy Buck Off at the Garden (#PBRNYC) in New York. Using "#PBRChat," fans were able to connect with the World Champion and ask him their questions. In case you missed it, here's the transcript of the chat: 

Q: @Bradley_Wayne94: What was it like competing at the only outdoor event on the BFTS?
A: @jbmauney: "I like competing outside - old school." #PBRChat

Q: @lynniejoooo_: How was the first week after you won the finals?
A: @jbmauney: "I was busy - it didn't slow down." #PBRChat

Q: @bullriderMT: Do you still feel on fire with the determination and desire that you had before and during World Finals?
A: @jbmauney: "Yes, I do." #PBRChat

Q: @moonspirit420: Do you feel confident in winning the world title again this season?
A: @jbmauney: "I feel as though I have as good of a chance as anyone." #PBRChat

Q: @T2N4T: How old were you when you realized bull riding was your dream?
A: @jbmauney: "Ever since I can remember." #PBRChat

Q: @shannonlee13: What is your next goal now that you are the World Champion?
A: @jbmauney: "To win three in a row." #PBRChat

Q: Has your training and general routines changed since the World Finals?
A: @jbmauney: "No. If it's not broke, don't fix it." #PBRChat

Q: @lynniejoooo_: What can we look forward to this year? Maybe a second World Championship?
A: @jbmauney: "That's the plan." #PBRChat

Q: @Jessss_Jo: I notice you wear that necklace a lot. Does it have any special meaning to you?
A: @jbmauney: "It is a reminder to never give up." #PBRChat

Q: @PBR: If you could get on one bull, past or present, who would it be?
A: @jbmauney: “Red Wolf - every time someone got on him they were 92 or above” #PBRChat

Q: @lynniejoooo_: What was it like to be crowned the PBR World Champion?
A: @jbmauney: "Relief because I finally did it." #PBRChat

Q: @PBR: What age did you start riding bulls?
A: @jbmauney: “I started riding the big bulls at 13.” #PBRChat

Q: @PBR: What is your favorite pre-ride meal?
A: @jbmauney: “I usually don’t eat before I ride.” #PBRChat

Q: @PBR: What is your favorite city on tour?
A: @jbmauney: “Las Vegas.” #PBRChat

Q: @PBR: Describe Bushwacker in one word?
A: @jbmauney: “Outstanding.” #PBRChat

Q: @PBR: Who is your favorite travel partner?
A: @jbmauney: “My wife, Lexie.” #PBRChat

Q: @PBR: If you weren’t a bull rider what would you be?
A: @jbmauney: “I would probably rope.” #PBRChat

Q: @PBR:If you could pick one rider to make a mark this season, who would it be?
A: @jbmauney: “Matt Triplett he’s got a lot of try in him.” #PBRChat

Q: @PBR: What have you been doing since Finals?
A: @jbmauney: “I went to one event and we have been moving into our new house.” #PBRChat

Q: @PBR: Who do you look up to?
A: @jbmauney: “Jerome Davis.” #PBRChat

Q: @PBR: Do you follow any other sports?
A: @jbmauney: “Straight bull riding.” #PBRChat

Q: @PBR: How do you get focused before a ride?
A: @jbmauney: “I just try not to put too much thought into it.” #PBRChat

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