Moraes believes there is more to come from Alves

Silvano Alves during Round 2 of the Chicago Invitational. Photo by Andy Watson /


  • World Champion Adriano Moraes believes Silvano Alves may not even have reached his peak as a rider.
  • Alves is 12-of-14 to start the 2015 season and sits in first place in the World Standings.
  • Alves set a PBR record with 24 consecutive rides that was snapped last week in Oklahoma City.

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PUEBLO, Colo. – There was never a doubt in three-time World Champion Adriano Moraes’ mind that Silvano Alves would come to the United States and rewrite the record books.

Still, that doesn’t mean he isn’t significantly impressed by Silvano Alves’ latest record-setting chapter of his career with 24 consecutive rides on the Built Ford Tough Series.

“I knew he was capable of riding a bunch of bulls in a streak,” Moraes said. “It is impressive, but I am not surprised he rode 24. This record is going to stand for a very, long time. I don’t think anybody is there right now that can beat him, unless the bulls drop in quality then it might happen.”

Alves’ streak ended Friday night when he was bucked off by Big Dip in 2.65 seconds during the first round of the Express Employment Professionals Classic.

It is just one of a series of records the 27-year-old has already accomplished in his PBR career since making his BFTS debut in 2010.

He became the only bull rider to win a world title the year after winning the Rookie of the Year award (2010) when he won his first world title in 2011. His first gold buckle made him the fastest bull rider in history to reach the $1 million mark for career earnings. Alves has since gone on to become the fastest to $2, $3, $4, and $5 million in career earnings.

He is also the only back-to-back World Champion in PBR history after winning the world title in 2012, and if not for J.B. Mauney’s historic run in 2013, Alves may easily have been a four-time World Champion already.

For now, he joins Moraes as the only three-time World Champions in PBR history after he put together another record-setting performance at the World Finals by becoming the second rider in PBR history to ride all of his bulls at the Finals.

Alves finished off his 6-for-6 2014 performance and clinched his third gold buckle by ending Asteroid’s 30 consecutive buckoff streak with a highlight-worthy 87.25-point ride.

“I know throughout these 24 bulls, Silvano rode some easy ones and rode some rank ones too,” Moraes said. “When we are riding a bunch of bulls in a row and you get one that is rank, it is a lot of pressure.”

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Last year’s World Finals only added to Alves historic riding percentage (83.33 percent) at the World Finals, where he is 25-for-30 in his career.

Although, Moraes believes the three world titles is harder to achieve than riding 24 bulls in a row.

“24 bulls is an awesome, awesome record, but I still think the three world titles are greater,” Moraes said. “It can happen (again). Not now. A very good guy can ride 25 bulls. It doesn’t mean necessarily he will be a World Champion.”

Over the span of his 24 consecutive rides on the BFTS, Alves averaged 81.91 points per ride. However, if you take out his six re-rides he turned down (two were scored 80 points or more) his average score soars to 85.94 points per ride.

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Moraes understands some critics and fans look at the turned down re-rides as a negative characteristic about Alves. Yet, he believes it is rather a sign of the confidence Alves has in his ability to make up the additional points with another ride down the line.  

“Yes, he is keeping low scores, but he is the only guy that can afford to do it because he knows he is going to ride them all,” Moraes said. “It doesn’t matter what the points system is. It doesn’t matter.”

Some wondered how Alves would respond this season with the new points system put in place. So far through four BFTS events, the current world leader is off to the fastest start in his career (12-of-14) and has shown that he is not going to let anything faze him from remaining committed to riding every bull that is sent out to challenge him.

The hard-to-fathom notion is that Alves may not even be in his prime yet.

Moraes believes that Alves is only reaching the beginning of his better years on tour.

“He is only 27,” Moraes reiterated. “He is still really young. He is still growing and getting better. He is not in his prime yet. He is impressive now, just imagine two years from now.”

Moraes also predicted that is possible Alves could have six or seven world titles by the time the current World Champion turns 32.

With that will come many more records and historical moments along the way.

“The records he sets are going to be there for a long, long time,” Moraes said.

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