Nunes to bring no-nonsense approach to Team Brazil

Renato Nunes during the 2015 PBR World Finals. Photo by Matt Breneman / BullStockMedia


  • Renato Nunes has been named as the coach for Team Brazil at the upcoming Global Cup event in Sydney, Australia.
  • Team Brazil is coming off a disappointing second-place finish in Edmonton.
  • Nunes said he has plan for how he plans to lead Team Brazil to victory, but for now he wants to stay tight-lipped.

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PUEBLO, Colo. – 2010 World Champion Renato Nunes isn’t ready to let the cat out of the bag in regards to what he has planned for Team Brazil at the upcoming Global Cup event in Sydney, Australia, on June 9-10.

One thing Nunes is sure to provide Team Brazil with, though, is confidence, swagger and some fire when the second edition of the Global Cup begins at Qudos Bank Arena.

“I am excited,” Nunes said. “I don’t know about (what happened) in Canada because I wasn’t there, but in Australia I will try to make those guys very confident to get on their bull and do the best they can to win or make a good show. No matter if those guys don’t win or not. It matters if it is a good show and a good competition.”

The PBR announced that Nunes was named the coach of Team Brazil on Friday.

Don’t be fooled, though. Nunes is going to want to make sure Team Brazil leaves Australia with the Australians soil.

The 36-year-old is great addition to Team Brazil.

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His fiery approach as a bull rider should be the right kind of motivation and tone needed for a team that underwhelmed in Edmonton.

Team Brazil is coming off a disappointing second-place finish in Edmonton. A veteran-heavy roster featuring three-time World Champion Silvano Alves, 2008 World Champion Guilherme Marchi, Joao Ricardo Vieira, Fabiano Vieira and Rubens Barbosa couldn’t combine with young talents Eduardo Aparecido, Kaique Pacheco and Jose Vitor Leme to overcome a younger and more inexperienced Team USA roster.

Unlike former coach Robson Palermo, Nunes has been living in Brazil since retiring at the conclusion of the 2015 PBR World Finals. Nunes has stayed in touch with many of his friends in the United States, but he is also separated from the group in ways.

Nunes is also slated to compete at Chad Berger’s $100,000 Match of Champions in Bismarck, North Dakota.  

Nunes said he wants to build his team pretty straight forward. If you are the best in the game this season, then you deserve a spot on the team. Past accolades are great, but he wants winners.

He is going to build this team with a no-nonsense approach.

“I do not know what guys I will pick, but I think it will be via the rank of the PBR in the world,” Nunes said. “I think it is going to be like that. I will have to talk with them guys and see. This is going to be fair. I don’t think it will be fair if I pick somebody back in the standings if somebody is in the Top 5 or Top 10 in the world. I think that would be not fair.

Last year, current world leader Dener Barbosa was left off the Global Cup roster as Palermo used his final two selections to add Alves and Marchi to the roster.

Nunes is no stranger to the drama of being left off rosters. The 10-time World Finals qualifier was originally left off the World Cup roster in 2010 by then coach Adriano Moraes before being added to Team Brazil just before the start of the tournament in Las Vegas.

“The choice that he didn’t want to pick me was because in Barretos I say he didn’t choose good bulls for the team and he didn’t ask what bull I think I ride good or Valdiron ride good,” Nunes said. “That is why he didn’t want to put me on the team in 2010. He changed his mind before the World Cup and it worked very well.”

Nunes went 2-for-3 in Las Vegas, including a 90.5-point ride on Paycheck, as the Brazilians dominated the final World Cup competition. He also went 3-for-6 in Australia when Team Brazil won the inaugural World Cup in 2007.

“For work with the team, my job is going to be to know those bulls and show those guys who they have,” Nunes said. “They can pick whatever they want. That will be my job. Just make those guys confident. That is what I have to do.”

Nunes is the third coach named following two-time World Champion Justin McBride (Team USA) and Aaron Roy (Team Canada). The PBR also announced that Gerardo Venegas has accepted an invitation to lead Team Mexico. Team Australia’s coach will be revealed on Saturday.

McBride called Nunes a “great fit” for Team Brazil.

“Renato won’t take any crap, and he is a player’s coach it seems to me,” McBride said. “He is not that far removed from it, but he is removed from it. He is a scrappy, little guy. He will have them in line and ready to go.”

Nunes said he has plan for how he plans to lead Team Brazil to victory, but for now he wants to stay tight-lipped.

“Some things I want to do I should not say because if not somebody is going to do the same,” Nunes concluded. “It is better I keep to myself for my team. This is a game. If I say I want to do this plan I have it is not good for the team. I have to say things after I win.”

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