Pacheco wins $69,494.86 and event average title at Sydney Global Cup

Kaique Pacheco went 4-for-4 en route to the individual average title at the Sydney Global Cup. Photo: Elise Derwin/PBR Australia.


  • Kaique Pacheco, maybe the hottest rider in the PBR and current world No. 1, went 4-for-4 at the Global Cup.
  • An easy pick for Team Brazil coach Renato Nunes to compete in the bonus round, Pacheco beat Canada's Tanner Byrne for the individual average title.
  • Team Brazil took the overall victory behind Pacheco's performance.

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SYDNEY, Australia – World No. 1 bull rider Kaique Pacheco and the rest of Team Brazil were sitting inside room 427 of the PARKROYAL Parramatta Hotel on Sunday morning vigorously studying the Bonus Bulls for the final night of the Sydney Global Cup.

Pacheco was at the forefront of the study session, recording videos onto his cell phone, as he stood next to 2017 PBR Rookie of the Year Jose Vitor Leme, while 2008 World Champion and team alternate Guilherme Marchi was leading a discussion with 2010 World Champion and coach Renato Nunes.

Team Brazil had seven of the Top 10 bull riders in the world on their squad in Sydney, but there was no question who the Brazilians were going to deploy on Sunday night in the Bonus Round.

The group was confident they wanted to deploy Pacheco, arguably the hottest rider currently in the PBR, in the Bonus Round against Rodeo Blues after watching the bull buck off Lachlan Richardson just past 7 seconds on Friday night.

Team Brazil’s faith in Pacheco paid off, and their plan came to fruition when Pacheco conquered Rodeo Blues for 85 points to cap off his 4-for-4 performance inside Qudos Bank Arena as Team Brazil went on to win the second PBR Global Cup.

“I am very happy to ride a great bull,” Pacheco said. “I see he bucked last night with Lachlan, and he bucked really good. When the team see the bull in the bonus, he was one of the first ones we wanted to pick for me. I am very happy to ride.”

Pacheco (4-for-4, 334 points) edged out Team Canada’s Tanner Byrne (4-for-4, 331,5 points) for the individual event average title, and he heads home to Brazil with $69,494.86 (USD). 

“For me, I didn’t think about the individual title,” Pacheco said. “I just wanted to ride with my team. This is very special for the Brazilian bull because the team is here to represent the country.”

Pacheco made sure to go shake the hands of a group of raucous Brazilian fans in the front row on Sunday night that continuously cheered for the South American bull riding powerhouse.

He also was the first rider on the dirt to celebrate with Luciano de Castro after Castro capped off the Brazilians 1,006.5-point winning effort with 82 points on Rock The House.

Team Brazil went 15-for-18 in Sydney.

Three of Pacheco’s four rides counted toward Team Brazil’s Top 12 rides.

Pacheco began the weekend with an 81.25-point ride on Chocolate Thunder and 83 points on High Flying Akubra. The fourth-year pro didn’t slow down on Sunday and made easy work against SweetPro’s Chemical Weapon (84 points) and Rodeo Blues (85 points).

The World Champion contender tucked his knees and then carried himself with strong movements as Rodeo Blues turned into his right hand.

“Yeah all the time I ride, I use my knees and my feet,” Pacheco said. “You can’t use just the knee. Sometimes the bull pushes you to the front. You need to use the knees and your feet because sometimes if you use just your feet, the bulls pull you to the front. You need to use your knees too.”

Nunes face lit up when asked about Pacheco’s performance in the Land Down Under.

“He rode so good,” Nunes said. “The Bonus Bull in the short round. Oh damn. That bull was hard. He just ride like he was on the couch.”

Nunes went on to win the World Championship after helping lead Brazil to the 2010 World Cup title when he was still riding.

Pacheco now be able to follow in his coach’s footsteps with his own Global Cup victory and World Championship.

The first-year Global Cup coach wouldn’t go as far as to say that Pacheco is the best bull rider in the talented Team Brazil locker room, but Nunes said that he sure is one of them.

“It is hard to say, but he is having the best moments right now,” Nunes said.

Pacheco has now ridden eight consecutive bulls at all levels of PBR competition and has won $229,761.53 in his last two events. He won $160,266.67 at Last Cowboy Standing.

The Itatiba, Brazil, bull rider is 9-for-10 in PBR events held in Australia.

Marchi said that Pacheco is evolving into an even stronger rider than the one who has finished inside the Top 5 of the world standings in each of his first three years in the PBR.

“He is still young,” Marchi said. “He has grown every year. It has been hard for him to come in second a couple of times, but he is very focused. He knows how to handle the pressure better. He has been riding really, really strong. It don’t matter what kind of bull it is.”

Pacheco doesn’t plan on resting this summer either.

He plans on continuing his pursuit of a World Championship and Pacheco will look to extend his 239.17-point lead in the world standings by competing at various PBR Brazil Monster Energy events.

“I will go to Americana next weekend,” Pacheco concluded. “Points are important.”

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