Pozzobon poised to become first Canadian BFTS event winner since 2003


  • Ty Pozzobon is gunning to be the first Canadian BFTS event winne since 2003.
  • Silvano Alves is inching closer to taking back his No. 1 spot in the world standings.
  • Eight riders have already qualified for the Built Ford Tough Championship Round.
  • 2011 World Champion Bull Bushwacker awaits in the championship round.

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ST. LOUIS ― After Round 2 of the Kawasaki Invitational presented by Cooper Tires, Canadian sensation Ty Pozzobon remains in the lead and is poised to become the first Canadian winner of a BFTS event in nearly a decade.

Coming off a third place finish in Anaheim, Calif., Pozzobon covered Firestorm (Dakota Rodeo/Chad Berger/Clay Struve) for 86.25 points in Round 2 for a total of 175.25 points to lead the average after two of the first four rounds in St. Louis.

"Things are playing in my favor," Pozzobon said. "I feel like I'm on."

The 21-year-old Merritt, British Columbia, native is looking to do what no Canadian has done since Rob Bell won a Built Ford Tough Series event in Raleigh, N.C., during the 2003 season.

"Things are playing in my favor. I feel like I'm on."

"I'm not too worried about that." Pozzobon said regarding the 10-year gap. "I'm just trying to stay on and let it play out like it's supposed to, but I feel good and I definitely could look for a win here."

Eight riders are 2-for-2 and have already qualified for the Built Ford Tough Championship Round, including No. 2 ranked rider Silvano Alves. Alves is on the heels of the top ranked rider in the world, Shane Proctor, who stole the overall season points lead from Alves last week in Anaheim, Calif. So far in St. Louis, Proctor has only ridden one of his two bulls, opening the door for Alves to take his No. 1 spot.

World Champion Bull Bushwacker (Julio Moreno Bucking Bulls) is slated to return to action Sunday in the championship round. The 2011 World Champion Bull is a top contender for this year's world title, and has bucked only once this year, dumping Proctor in Oklahoma City. He holds the highest buckoff rate of the bulls in action today, having been ridden only once in BFTS competition out of 38 attempts. Thiago Paguioto covered him for 89.75 points in 2009 in Las Vegas.

According to Dr. Tandy Freeman, Edevaldo Ferreira sustained a probable right rib fracture when he was hit by the bull's horn as he hung to his second round bull in St. Louis. He is questionable for Round 3. Agnaldo Cardozo sustained a neck injury Saturday when he landed on his head dismounting his bull. He is questionable for Round 3.

Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series
Kawasaki Invitational
Scottrade Center at St. Louis
Event Leaders (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points)
1. Ty Pozzobon, 89-86.25-175.25 points.
2. Marco Eguchi, 86.5-87.75-174.25 points.
3. Brendon Clark, 85.25-85.5-170.75 points.
4. Silvano Alves, 82-87.75-169.75 points.
5. Jordan Hupp, 84.5-85-169.50 points.
6. Renato Nunes, 84.75-84.5-169.25 points.
7. Eduardo Aparecido, 83.25-83.75-167 points.
8. Fabiano Vieira, 83.25-65.5-148.75 points.
9. Luke Snyder, 0-88-88 points.
Zack Brown, 88-0-88 points.
11. Chase Outlaw, 87-0-87 points.
12. Aaron Roy, 86.75-0-86.75 points.
Ben Jones, 0-86.75-86.75 points.
Shane Proctor, 86.75-0-86.75 points.
15. Reese Cates, 86.25-0-86.25 points.
16. Billy Robinson, 0-85.5-85.50 points.
17. Emilio Resende, 0-85.25-85.25 points.
18. Cody Nance, 0-84.75-84.75 points.
19. Brant Atwood, 84.5-0-84.50 points.
20. Agnaldo Cardozo, 84.25-0-84.25 points.
Edevaldo Ferreira, 84.25-0-84.25 points.
22. Joao Ricardo Vieira, 83.75-0-83.75 points.
Lachlan Richardson, 0-83.75-83.75 points.
Valdiron de Oliveira, 0-83.75-83.75 points.
25. Guilherme Marchi, 82.75-0-82.75 points.
26. Jared Farley, 82.25-0-82.25 points.
Nathan Schaper, 82.25-0-82.25 points.
Douglas Duncan, 0-0-0 points.
Harve Stewart, 0-0-0 points.
Jarrod Craig, 0-0-0 points.
Jory Markiss, 0-0-0 points.
L.J. Jenkins, 0-0-0 points.
Mike Lee, 0-0-0 points.
Sean Willingham, 0-0-0 points.
Wesley Lourenco, 0-0-0 points. 

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