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Ring of Honor: Owen Washburn

Profile Image of Owen Washburn

Owen Washburn

Lordsburg, NM

Who is Owen Washburn?

Known as Captain Consistency, Washburn qualified for the PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals 10 times (1994-98, 2000, 2002-05) and won the PBR World Championship in 1996. He was the first man to ride Tony Sharp’s nearly unconquerable bull Hammer, ending a 23-cowboy buck off streak. His pair of 92.5-point rides on the 1,800-pound athlete helped him win $125,210 in one weekend – a record at the time - in 2003. Washburn retired in 2005 and focused his sights on becoming a stock contractor, supplying the PBR and the bull riding world with rank stock. Washburn will be presented with a ring handcrafted of diamonds and gold bearing the PBR logo, his name and 2016, his induction year.

”I am thankful to still be in the game and honored that I would be remembered and thought of today,” said Washburn.