Jim Shoulders Lifetime Achievement Award

Bill Selman

2017 Honoree:

Bill Selman is one of two recipients of this year’s Jim Shoulders Lifetime Achievement Award. As a corporate pioneer, his support of an effective brand partnership between Anheuser Busch and PBR has helped elevate professional bull riding to the global phenomenon it is today. Selman is regarded as the first person in corporate America to recognize the value of bull riding as a stand-alone sport. Selman’s relationship to PBR dates to the rodeo days of the founding fathers, sponsoring the Bud Light Six Pack of riders, and later expanding their efforts to contribute to the founding of PBR. As the original title sponsor of PBR’s Bud Light Cup, Anheuser-Busch aggressively marketed bull riding nationally, with point of sale programs at retail across many markets and dedicated TV spots highlighting PBR talent.

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