Sharon Shoulders Award

LeAnn Hart

2016 Honoree:

LeAnn Hart talks about raising bulls and watching husband, J.W., commentate on Pure PBR.

Calving season is coming up, so that has been the main thing right now in the Hart household. J.W. has been taking the kids and tagging the new baby calves that are on the ground. We post that all to Facebook, so everybody can see the mamas getting all mad when he gets out of the truck.

The first calf that was born this year came just a little bit early and this Oklahoma weather has a mind of its own, so he got to spend his first few nights inside the house right in front of the fire. Makayla was too funny. She was praying over that calf and our dog was protecting that calf like it was her puppy. Mac kept saying, "I'm praying that calf better, mama. I'm praying that calf better." She is something else. She is like, "We gotta pray about everything." I guess they get that from me because I pray about all things, but it is kind of funny when your children start to become a little walking reflection of you.

I thought I was independent before marrying J.W., taking care of myself and always being on my own, but it's funny, when you are married to a bull rider, you no longer only take care of yourself. You take care of everybody from your two-legged kids to your four-legged kids.

Wacey and Makayla haven't done a whole lot of mutton bustin lately. Mac just started her home-school program and Wacey has just been hanging out with daddy quite a bit. Since the sun is starting to shine more and the days are getting long, the ponies are fixing to get back into shape! They have been hanging out with grandpa a little bit as well. He is pretty good about taking them to the park and stuff like that. When they come home you never know what is going to come out of their mouths, because he is just something else. The other night, they came home and we asked Wacey, "What did you do at pawpaw's house?" And he said, "Ate cereal, watched TV and drank whiskey." You never know what they will say next.

J.W., in general, is the definition of a cowboy, and I have always grown up wanting to be a cowgirl, so we kind of complete each other like that. I think overall what I have learned is that he pushes me to be more whenever I don't think that I can be anymore or give anymore. He pushes me to do so much more than I ever thought that I could. He was so good this week with me being sick. I don't know if it's because he's getting older, or if he's getting softer, but he used to push me to get up and there would be no rest. Now, I think he sees that not everybody has got the superpowers that bull riders have to get up and go, and every now and then we get zapped.

We DVR every single event and we always come back so the kids can watch. A few weeks ago when J.W. did his first Pure PBR broadcast, I was so excited about that event. He can never lie to me ever again and say that he cannot multitask. Because if he can do TV at the same time that he can put a flank on a bull and explain what he is doing, I will not ever take that for an answer ever again. I thought to myself, "Maybe I should watch this a little bit more. I am learning more about him." We always watch when J.W. is behind the camera and during the week, he is always doing his homework; regardless if it's Justin or Ty doing TV that week. He is always watching to see what the bulls are doing and he's always calling stock contractors to see what he missed, or if he' s up on everything for whenever he goes. I think we are kind of like his cheerleaders - except more permanent and proud!

I don't miss him riding. For a while, I think after he first started, it was weird going to the events, because we weren't there for the same reasons we were before. It's a different kind of thrill now. We have been so blessed because not many guys get to stick around something that they have done their whole life and continue to do so. He is gifted when it comes to speaking and being comfortable in front of a camera. He is so good at that, and I am just glad that everybody else recognized how comfortable he was and believed in him enough to let him continue do it.

I like going to some of the smaller events and carrying bulls. Heck, I get just as big of a thrill when we are bucking our bulls! Last weekend, we bucked four bulls at the PBR event in Oklahoma City, and I was a nervous wreck. It's not the same kind of nervous. You just want them to perform. I am sure that those sitting around me are thinking, "Wow, that chick is crazy," since I scream out after the 8 seconds and sometimes the cowboy isn't there at the whistle.

I am so proud of J.W. for what he did. I am still so proud of him because he has always been a firm believer in the PBR and what it stands for, and the professional bull riders. There is definitely a minor league and a major league, and I was proud to know that he played in the majors for such a long time, and that he still has a position with the PBR to carry that on. We consider everybody family within the PBR. Everybody is so close knit, even those who don't work for the PBR anymore. It's funny how everybody kind of stays in touch with each other in one way or another. We all see each other and you always embrace with a hug.

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