Sharon Shoulders Award

Leanne Lambert

2011 Honoree:

Leanne Lambert is the wife of PBR co-founder and Livestock Director Cody Lambert. Working quietly behind the scenes of Cody’s more publicly visible life, Leanne’s warmth and constancy have made her a great friend and role model for many of the PBR’s other wives and girlfriends.

About her friend Leanne, Ty Murray's wife Jewel said, "I think that love is a living, breathing thing that you need to put attention to every day. It's something that I've seen Leanne and Cody do, and I think they've been an invaluable influence on Ty's life and certainly enriched mine. They put time into their relationship every day. They don't just take it for granted and think it's going to do OK while they both do other things. Their family is the most important thing to them, period."

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